How to Choose a Payment Method

How to Choose a Payment Method

Choosing a payment method that is suited to your needs is one of the most important aspects of real money online gambling. These "needs" can include everything from country of residence, to transaction processing time, to security.

Aside from selecting a method that will cater to this, your selection should also be based on the sign up bonuses or deposit deals that accompany many payment providers, and also the accepted payment methods offered by your online casino.

Topics Addressed

  • Legality
  • Response/transaction processing time

*Previously Required Knowledge

It is important to already have chosen an online casino to gamble at frequently, or a group of favorites, so that you can inquire about their accepted payment providers and offered sign up deals or promotions. This will allow you to both maximize your gambling budget and improve your overall gambling experience. Do so before continuing any further, if you already haven't.


Step One

Learn about the online payment methods categories
There are 4 main categories under which the hundreds of payment providers you have to choose from will lie. They are:

Credit Card - its speed and easy accessibility makes the credit card the most commonly used payment method type. Despite the fear many share that is associated with providing personal details (including your account details), all reputable casinos will present a privacy policy which acts as a confidentiality agreement between you and the site, and lists the steps taken to ensure that your information remains private. Under such conditions, the use of your credit card is both safe and convenient, and will usually be accompanied by a special deposit deal.

Electronic Wallet ("eWallet") concept - an online funds transaction service, whereby you may deposit money into an account specifically for gambling purposes by means of credit card, ATM card, or an online banking account. Once approved, you are able to make financial transactions to any merchant website that supports the service. It is usually very fast and quite reliable.

Direct transfer from your bank account to the website - done by means of an online bank cheque or "echeque", this service allows the depositing of money directly into an online casino account, without the provision of personal details. The system is secure, yet response time can vary from one bank to the other, taking a minimum of seven days to clear.

Manual Direct transfers - make transfers to your online casino account manually through your regular bank account. This is the slowest system available, and is somewhat limited by government laws regarding online gambling. However, it is completely safe.

Step Two

Choose a payment provider from your chosen category

There are literally hundreds, possibly thousands, of different payment providers out there, yet only a select few are almost always offered by online casinos. This is because the methods they approve are those that people most commonly use and trust, and provide full 24 hour support services.

For credit cards: simply call your bank and verify that the use of your credit card online for gambling purposes is allowed in your country and state, and approved by the bank itself. Some banks and credit card companies have been restricted by government law to operate in association with such internet services, so be sure your actions are lawful before depositing money. Visa and MasterCard and almost always accepted.

For electronic wallets: the most popular providers include
Click2Pay - a web wallet that you can fund by means of direct debit, credit card, ACH, and more. It also offers a pre-funding service that allows you to deposit money and use the balance to purchase credits at various websites. Their transaction process is very simple and easy to use.

Neteller - you can deposit funds by means of credit card, Direct Deposit, Electronic Funds Transfer, or Wire transfer, and make online transactions directly to any merchant site supporting the service. Cash transfers are instant and free, and available in most currencies. It is also accessible 24/7 and hides your personal details from merchant sites.

Firepay - a free service that works like an ATM/debit card. Your credit card information is kept private from merchant website, and access to your deposited funds in your online bank account is in real time. It is a highly user-friendly service, offering step-by-step instructions and simple registration.
For direct transfer from your bank account to the website:
Checks - also referred to as a bank draft, this service sends a certified cheque to the online casino via email, which keeps all your personal information private. Few online casinos accept such services, yet InterCasino does.
For manual direct transfers: Once again, simply call your bank to verify that they approve transactions to your online casino's website, and that it is a lawful action within your state and country. Response and delivery time will vary depending on your bank, so double check this aspect with them too before depositing money.

Step Three

Register at the Payment Provider Website:
This requires entering the payment provider's website, providing the required details and information, and having your account approved. Once registered, you may begin making online transactions immediately.


  • The amount of time it takes any given payment provider to process and approve your deposit or transaction can vary widely, and if you plan on playing immediately after depositing money, ensure that your service is instant or only a matter of minutes. You don't want to be waiting a week or two only to begin playing.


  • Also, always ensure that your online casino provides a privacy policy and terms and conditions page, and read it before playing. The way they treat your account or deposit service may differ between casinos, and also ensures legality.

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