How to File a Complaint

How to File a Complaint

Filing a complaint against an online casino is a serious and difficult process

As such, it may be discarded or even reach serious legal consequences - the process is very bureaucratic, as with most complaints filed against businesses. The following steps will help you understand whether or not your complaint is indeed legitimate, and how to go about filing a complaint in the case that it is.

Topics Addressed

  • Finding the authorities
  • Verifying what is and isn't a legitimate complaint
  • Obtaining a complaint form
  • Filling in the complain form
  • Receiving a reply

Previously Required Knowledge

To save you the time and effort of complaining about something illegitimate, it would be very helpful to read the online casino in question's terms and conditions, and privacy statement.


Step 1

Find the authorities 

All filed complaints are done so through an authoritative institution or system relating to the area one wishes to complain about. With regards to an online casino, such institutions could include a body handling the gambling Act of your area, a gambling regulation council, or a general businesses regulation council or board. Because this differs between different cities, countries, and states, this will require you finding them on your own. You may do so by searching the internet, or alternatively by asking your lawyer.

Step 2

Verify that you have a legitimate complaint 

In nearly all cases, the body that handles online casino complaints will have a website in which you may read what is considered a legal and legitimate complaint, and how to proceed with filing a complaint formally. If it is unspecified, it might help to access some local online casino chat rooms and speak with others who have either been through the process or know something of assistance, or simply speak with your lawyer.

Step 3

Obtain a complaint form 

If you wish to proceed with your complaint, you may obtain a complaint form via the website of the body handling the complaints, by contacting their office, or by contacting a lawyer to obtain one for you.

Step 4

Fill out your form 

Aside from general information which the form itself will outline if you are required to fill in, try to include all relevant information; dates, times, the nature of the matter, names, and anything else you see fit as relevant to the complaint.

Step 5

Send your complaint form to the authority 

Send the complaint form with all appropriate documents and information to the specified address on the form itself.


It may take several weeks, or even months, beforeyou receive a reply regarding your complaint, if at all. This will depend onthe authority through which you are filing the complaint. If it is legitimateand supported, you will be notified on how to proceed with the matter and whatprocesses will follow. If not, you will be advised to disregard it.

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