How to Improve Your Rummy Game

How to Improve Your Rummy Game

The game of rummy and its variants continues to excite young and old across the globe. This short guide provides tips on how to turn you into a rummy ace.

Topics Addressed

  • Middle Cards
  • High Cards
  • Keep Your Opponent Guessing
  • Memory Game

Middle Cards

Middle cards are the most valuable cards in the rummy set. While low and high value cards can only be used in a limited combination of runs, middle cards such as 6, 7, and 8 can be used in multiple meld combinations.

High Cards

Many players keep their high cards, although this is not recommended. On the plus side, many people who gather face card melds will lay them down quickly, providing an opportunity of their opponents to lay off face card discards.

Just be careful not to hold those high cards too long.

Keep Your Opponent Guessing

Make it a point of varying the cards you lay down. Be aware that sharp opponents will quickly guess your game play if you lay down in a repetitive manner.

Keep them guessing!

Memory Game

A good memory is vital for any player of skilled card games. Try to note which cards have been discarded and laid down, which will provide invaluable information regarding which cards are left in the stack, and in your opponent's hand.

Card counting is a skill that all good players posses, but it's a skill that anyone can attain if they make this part of their overall strategy.

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