How to Install the Software

How to Install the Software

Installing the software for an online casino or other gambling site is the next step after downloading it and one of the last steps before commencing game play. The following step-by-step guide will explain to you the different stages of installation.

Topics Addressed

  • Choosing where to install the software
  • A short pause
  • Select a folder
  • Installation proper
  • The User Agreement
  • Ready to Play!
  • Open an account

Previously Required Knowledge

Installing the gaming site's software is slightly more complicated than simply downloading it, yet doesn't require anything particular on your part. Just stick to these steps and we'll do the thinking for you.


Step 1

Go to the location in which you chose to save the file during the download process - whether this is on the desktop or in another folder. Double click on the casino (or poker room, or other) icon. This will launch the installation wizard that will guide you through the installation process. If you cannot find the icon, or cannot remember where you saved the download file, do this:

  1. Click on the "start" menu at the bottom left corner of your screen
  2. Select "Find"
  3. Select "files or folders"
  4. Type the file name in the white bar labeled "name" (the name of the file is almost always the site's name.exe. If this doesn't work, double check the name on the website).

Step 2

You might notice that the installation wizard is downloading additional files. Some wizards do this. If so, wait for it to finish the process; it will only take a minute, or less.

Step 3

You will be prompted to select a folder on your computer in which you would like to install the software. You can save it in:

  1. The default destination (recommended)
  2. The same folder in which you saved the download file
  3. A new folder specifically for the file, which you can name after the site you are playing at
  4. Or in any other existing folder of your choice.

To choose your own destination, click "Browse". Otherwise click "Install" and it will be saved to the default destination.

Step 4

The installation process will officially begin and you will see a status bar indicating its progress. Wait it out. Once completed, you will be ready to play.

Step 5

When the installation is complete, a window will appear with the User Agreement. Read it and choose "Agree" to move on.

Step 6

The window will either take you directly to the gaming site's lobby, or you will have to open the file from the folder you specified in Step Three (double-click the launch icon that appears there). If you are asked first to choose between Fun Mode or Play for Real, choose your option.

Step 7

You will be asked to open an account. If Playing for Fun only, you will be asked to enter some personal details before moving on. Playing for Real Money will require a slightly longer registration process, including your funding method, a process that usually includes three short pages.


If you choose to play in practice mode, you will be able to commence gambling immediately. However if you choose to play in real money mode, you will be required to follow an additional registration procedure before commencing game play, if it is your first time playing at the specific site. We cover this stage in this guide, referred to as Opening an Account.

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