How to Make Sure Your Privacy is Kept

How to Make Sure Your Privacy is Kept

Computer privacy is the process of securing against unauthorized access into, and use of your computer. There are various prevention measures which can be taken in order to stop unauthorized users, also known as "intruders", from accessing your computer.

Topics Addressed

  • Trojan horse prevention
  • Adware and virus prevention

Previously Required Knowledge

It would be highly beneficial that you understand the concept of computer privacy, security, and its importance.


Step 1

Prevent Trojan Horse Programs  

Trojan horse programs are a popular ay fro intruders to trick you, the user, into installing "back door" programs which allow them easy access into your computer, without your knowledge. By accessing your computer, they will be able to change any system configurations, or infect your computer with viruses. Users are tricked into installing Trojan horse programs by enticing or scaring the user, usually by means of an email offering either a game or prize to download, or a forged security warning with download solutions. 

Trojan Horse programs can be prevented by doing the following things: 

  • Downloading software from trusted sources only
  • Never execute something sent to you by unsolicited electronic mail.
  • Configure your browser to disable automatic execution of web page content.
  • Verify that your privacy settings in your anti-virus and anti-spy ware programs are on high, and that daily activity has the principle of "least privilege".

Step 2

Prevent Adware and Viruses 

Always strongly recommended is the use of virus protection software and a fire wall on all internet connected computers. Make sure that your virus protection software is up to date, and always install automatic updates when offered. Network firewalls provide some degree of protection against intruders scanning for home system vulnerabilities.

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