How to Play 80-Ball Bingo

How to Play 80-Ball Bingo

There is an all-new version of Bingo out there and its name is 80 Ball Bingo. This exciting variant incorporates the best of 90-Ball Bingo and75-Ball Bingo and pundits are already claiming that this version is ‘just right!'

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    Winning patterns to make up

Playing80-Ball Bingo

What makes 80-Ball Bingo exciting is the nature of the Bingo cards. In land-based casinos, slides are used for marking off the numbers on these Bingo cards. In the iGaming version, the called numbers are automatically shaded on the Bingo cards. The cards in 80-Ball Bingo are set up in such a way that there are 4rows and 4 columns. Each of the 4 columns is a different colour, including silver, blue, yellow and red.

Online players will notice the 80 ball call board containing 5 rows of 16 numbers.That's a total of 80 numbers. Each of the 4 aforementioned colours will be assigned certain numbers with silver containing 80 thru 60, blue including 59thru 41, yellow 40 thru 21 and red 20 thru 1.

Winning patterns to make up

80-BallBingo players can make up patterns which include the 80 Full Card, the Vertical Line, the Diagonal Line, the Horizontal Line, the Big X, the Four Corners and the Center Square. Playing the game is easy enough.The 80-Ball version is shorter than the 90 Ball version, and it's a tad longer than the 75 Ball game.

As with other varieties of online Bingo games, the prizes are generous and the promotions are plentiful. It's only a matter of time before 80-Ball Bingo catches on and becomes the poster child of modern day online Bingo.

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