How to Play Deuces Wild

How to Play Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild is version of 5 Card Draw Table Video Poker. It differs from regular video poker in that the four 2 cards are known as "deuces", and act similarly to wild cards or jokers, being able to substitute any card - both in value and suit.

The objective is to obtain a 5 card poker hand that contains a winning combination. According to the cards you draw and play, you will be paid out certain amounts. In Deuces Wild, much of your decisions will rest upon how many deuces you have drawn, if any.

Topics Addressed

  • Deuces Wild Rules

*Previously Required Knowledge

You must know how to play regular video poker in order to understand deuces wild. That includes the objective, rules, card values, and winning hand combinations and rankings, as well as orientation with online video poker games (interface, buttons, etc).


Step One

Choose your bet

Choose the value of the coins you wish to wager each round. You may do so by clicking on the "+" and "-" buttons, or by clicking on specific money amounts. 

Step Two

Make your bet

You may now choose between 3 betting options; bet one, bet max, and deal:

  • Bet one - clicking this option means that you will increase you bet by the amount you have chosen in step 1.
  • Bet max - this button will automatically raise your bet to the maximum bet available (usually 5 coins), and initiate card dealing.
  • Deal - choosing this options means that you want to stay with the amount you have chosen in step 1 and commence card dealing.

Step Three

Choose your hand

You must now decide which cards to keep and which cards to discard. In order to keep one of the 5 cards you have been dealt, click on the "hold" button situated directly underneath each dealt card. Cards under which this option has not been selected will be discarded. 

The following is a table offering simple strategy for Deuces Wild in various situations:

If you have:Then keep:
4 Deuces All 5 cards - this is the best possible situation!
3 Deuces Only the Deuces - unless you have a wild Royal Flush or 5 of a Kind.
2 Deuces

Any hand that is 4 of a Kind or better,

or 4 cards to a royal flush. Otherwise keep the Deuces only.

1 Deuce

4 cards to a straight flush, 3 cards to a royal flush,

and all other paying hands with the exception of 4 cards to a royal flush.

Otherwise, keep only the deuce.

No Deuces All paying hands according to regular poker hand rankings.
No hands No cards - draw all 5 new cards.

Step Four

Finish up appropriately
If you have won, you will be paid the amount the hand you have drawn is worth, which you can view before and during game play alongside the game. Your final amount should be displayed in one of the bottom corners of the screen. Once you have decided to finish playing, click on the "credit", "cash out", or "cashier" option to receive your remaining funds, and sign out if required.

Topics Addressed

  • Unlike in regular poker, video poker allows you to consider your decisions for as long as you like. Therefore, think hard before playing and making any decisions, if you need to, have this strategy chart ready next to you for reference.

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