How to Play Gin Rummy

How to Play Gin Rummy

The most popular of all two-player card games, Gin Rummy was even played by former US President George W. Bush.

Topics Addressed

  • Card Values
  • Object of the Game

Gin Rummy is a simple game using a 52-card pack with players selecting a target score, normally between 100 to 200 points, before the game beings. The first person to attain the target wins the game.

Card Values

Each card maintains a constant value from one point (aces), through two to ten points (number cards), and with face cards each valued at 10 points. Card values are critical as those players left with cards in their hand at the end of a round incur penalties equivalent to the value of those remaining, or deadwood cards.

Object of the Game

Play proceeds with players gathering groups of cards that form consecutive runs, such as a 5, 6, and 7, or similar values, such as three aces. These groups are called melds, and players gather these until all of their cards, bar one, which is discarded, comprise a Gin Rummy hand.

When this is achieved, the player lays out his cards on the table, discarding the final card, and shouts "gin". Any deadwood cards held by the losing player are then counted up and penalty points recorded.

First player to reach the target wins.

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