How to Play Online Mahjong

How to Play Online Mahjong

Fast becoming a favourite with Internet players across the globe, mahjong is quick and easy to learn, but it's guaranteed to provide you with hours of fun.

Topics Addressed

  • Initial Moves
  • How to Score

Initial Moves

The Mahjong play area consists of a stack of 144 tiles normally laid out automatically in a random fashion at the start of the game. To begin play, click on any matching tiles located on an outside edge of tile stack. Most online games provide you with an aid here such as those free tiles lighting up when you hover your mouse over them. Remove identical, matching tiles as well as those matched by suit or colour.

How to Score

Every time you remove a pair from the stack, you win points. The points are calculated according to a multiplier value. When you remove a pair, that pair's group value is multiplied by the number of tile pairs that remain in your pile. The multipliers are as follows:

  • Character suit: Multiply by 1
  • Circle suit: Multiply by 2
  • Bamboo suit: Multiply by 3
  • Wind suit: Multiply by 4
  • Dragon suit: Multiply by 5
  • Kid suit: Multiply by 6

For example, if you remove a dragon suit in the first round, you win 5 x 72 = 360 points.

Games are timed against the clock, with the challenge being to beat your previous high score. Removing all the tiles within the time period normally provides a hefty bonus. Good luck!

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