How to Win at Red Dog Poker

How to Win at Red Dog Poker

Tips for playing - and winning - the popular casino game.

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Red Dog is a straight forward, all-time favourite card game! Whilst its popularity has dropped in recent years in land based casinos it is offered by many online casinos. Red Dog also goes by the name of ‘acey-deucey' or ‘in-betweens'. The objective is simply to predict whether the value of a randomly selected card will land between the value of two other cards previously drawn.

So how do you play Red Dog? Only three cards are used at a time and cards have the same ranking as in poker. Suits are irrelevant. After a wager has been placed, two cards are placed face up on the table. If the cards are consecutive, there is a tie and the round is over. If, however, the cards are equal, a third card is drawn. Should the third card match the first two cards, you win. If not, there is a tie. And if the two cards are neither consecutive nor equal, the spread is established.

The spread is the number of card values between the two cards. You then have the option to raise or call before a third card is drawn. In an event that this third card is between the original two cards, you win. If, however, the third card matches one of the two cards or is outside the spread, you lose. How much you are paid out depends on the spread of the two cards and the pay table.

Red Dog Tips for Winning

So whilst it's clear that you needn't learn complex rules or strategies to play, there are a few tricks to improve your odds of winning. First, it's a good idea to look for a game that has more decks in play as this will increase your chances of winning. Red Dog can be played with anywhere between one to eight decks. The higher the number of decks, the lower the house edge. Secondly, you can also maximise your chances of success by only trying to win on your original bet where the spread is less than seven. You have a 54% chance of winning a hand with a spread of seven cards whereas there is only a 46% chance to win with a spread of six. The probability of winning drops even further with a five card spread to 38% and a four cards to a mere 30% chance to win.

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