How to Win at Roulette

How to Win at Roulette

Roulette is strictly a game of chance, yet there do exist ways in which you can influence your odds of winning, simply by making wise betting decisions and knowing a few simple tips and strategies.

This guide will explain a popular betting strategy among intermediate Roulette players.

Topics Addressed

  • Roulette strategy
  • The black/red system

Previously Required Knowledge

This guide is suitable for intermediate Roulette players, under the assumption that you, as a roulette player, understand its rules, objective, bets, odds, and etiquette, and of course have played enough times to know what it's all about. If you cannot answer to this, simply go back and keep practicing until you feel ready.

The Black/Red Strategy

Because Roulette is divided up into red and black, the chances of the ball landing on one of these colors is always 50-50 - the highest probability available. This probability is what the system is based on.


Step One

Bet on a color.

Step Two

If you win, pocket your winnings and use your original bet for the next spin. Continue this for as long as you win. If you lose, double your bet.

Step Three

If you win, again, raise your bet slightly start with $1 and slowly increase to $2, $3, eventually $5 bets (or as much as you can afford). If you lose again, take the loss and start over from the beginning.


This system can be used on all other bets that have 50-50 odds; the even/odd bets, and the high/low bets (1-18 & 19-36).


Switching colors will not affect your odds of winning or losing, because each color has an equal chance of coming up on any given spin.

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