In-Play and Live Betting

In-Play and Live Betting

Get full details on how to make the best decisions for In-play and live betting.

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*Previously Required Knowledge

Placing a live bet does not require any previous knowledge, although it is most enjoyed by those who have some experience with placing traditional pre-match bets.

General Intro

Live betting (in-play betting, as it is also known) is a feature offered by most good online sportsbooks that allows you make a live wager on sporting matches, games, tournament and events in real-time. As you can see from the guide below, placing a live bet is as easy as one, two, three.

Live and In-Play betting

When it comes to sports betting, users have a number of places to look to for great odds, complete coverage and comprehensive betting options. The recent and most popular betting options are live betting and in-play betting. With these choices, punters are given the opportunity to place wagers after the match or event of their choice has already begun. While it may cut players out from betting on certain events, the whole experience is worth trying once just to see what kind of options are out there.


Bear in mind that even though these types of betting are advertised as live or in-play betting, the broadcast still comes with a bit of a delay, effectively minutes. With this pertinent piece of information at hand, punters should be warned of the drawbacks of placing these types of wagers. If a user wants to make bets "down to the wire", they should plan accordingly and take into account these types of broadcast delays. Payouts tend to be a bit lower than wagers made prior to an event's start, but less money won is always better than no money won in the land of sportsbook betting.


Beyond the drawbacks these options offer a few beneficial perks when compared to wagers laid prior to a match's beginning, such as whether or not last minute or unpublished substitutions have taken place, injuries that take place during a match, or generally unfavorable beginnings to an event that may affect the outcome. With up-to-date information, punters can make informed decisions and lay wagers down instantly while a match is underway. There are plenty of advantages when making these types of bets. For instance, with extended events like talent programs and long tournaments, players can save wagers until things have progressed and place them as the event unfolds, instead of having to make their best guesses at the beginning with little to no information. For longer games, like cricket, in-play betting can make or break a bank roll due to the extensive play time of such matches. Stay on top of such events with live and in-play betting from some of our recommended sportsbooks.


Whether your game is Tennis, Football, Cricket, or a novelty event, such as Britain's Got Talent, there are all extensive guides and live odds to inform punters of all the current information necessary for live betting. Leading sportsbook sites like William Hill offer comprehensive odds for live betting on a number of sporting events, with entire pages s dedicated to odds for your favorite matches and novelty events going on right now.

Recent News

Score Media Inc., one of Canada's premier Television station dedicated to everything sports, televised in in nearly 7 million Canadian homes, and William hill have partnered up to created a mobile campaign sure to please the live betting crowd. With just the touch of a button punters will have the ability to place wagers on matches as they are happening from anywhere their mobile deceives has access to the internet. The free software download will give players the power to access live information, scores, and odds from over 100 football leagues and competitions worldwide. iPhone and Blackberry users will be the ones to benefit from this agreement between William hill and Score Media through an integrated William Hill tab, embedded right in to t he phones interface.

Up-to-date scoring and information will revolutionize the convenience of live and in-play betting for the mobile platform, catapulting William Hill and Score Media to the forefront of the industry. With already 3.6 million unique visitors every month, it seems the partnership is a winning combination that will benefit William hill's customers first and foremost.


Step One

Register for an Online Sportsbook All leading online sportsbooks, such as William Hill Sports and Winner Sports, offer live betting. To obtain access to their in-play betting function, you can do one of two things. The first is to use an existing account to an online gambling platform (William Hill and others will allow you to switch over between their casino, betting, poker and other sites). The second way is to register for a new real-money account. Simply sign up to your chosen sportsbook, deposit at least the minimum amount of required funds, and you will have live betting (alongside pre-match betting) at your fingertips.

Step Two

Choose Your Event Whether you’re a fan of European football, American sports, global sports like golf or tennis, or just prefer the occasional bet on big-time events like the Olympics and FIFA World Cup, you will find your live betting needs at the top bookies. Live betting works along the same principles as pre-match betting: you should pick the sport and event you are interested in, and you should have a certain amount of knowledge or at least do a bit of research before betting on the match. Like anything, it’s good to know what you are doing before you place your hard-earned money on the outcome of a match.

Step Three

Bet Live! Obviously, the final thing to do is to place your live bet. For maximum entertainment, you should be watching the match or event on which you are placing a live bet. Whether you’re at the ground, watching on TV or following a live stream on the Internet (most online sportsbooks provide live viewing of thousands of events), you can place your live bet at the same time via your online betting account or through a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

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