How to Play Little Lottos

How to Play Little Lottos

If the odds of regular lotto are too high for you, then little lotto's are right up your alley.

Welcome back to Online Casino Reports' Lottery 101 School. This second guide in the series of 5 will explain what Little Lotto games are, how they work and how to play them. Quick and dirty, this guide gets the information into your hands faster than you can pick your lotto numbers. 

Little Lottos

Similar to regular lotto, little lotto games have better odds and are played more often. The difference is the amount of balls drawn and the playing field (numbers to choose from) are lower, for example in Illinois numbers range from 1-39. Each state, if they have a regular lottery system set up in place, will more than likely have little lotto games. Prizes vary from state to state and even from game to game, but if the odds of regular lotto are too rich for your blood, then little lotto's are right up your alley. 

Tickets may be purchased in gas stations, convenience stores or grocery stores - and online. To play Little Lotto games, select five numbers and mark the pay slip. Give the pay slip to the retailer and have them produce a game ticket for you. Keep this ticket and compare it to the machine's numbers which will shoot out five balls instead of six. Like in Lotto, if all your numbers match, then you win the jackpot. Again, the numbers do not have to be in the same order as those drawn. 

Drawings are usually held more often than general Lotto games. Usually they are held nightly. Not only does this mean the odds are better, but it also means that there are smaller prizes to be won if only a few of your numbers match. Depending on the State you are playing Little Lottos in, there are prizes that can be won if as little as one or four of your balls are drawn. 

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