How to Play Lottery Instant Games

How to Play Lottery Instant Games

Who doesn't like to scratch off that card and see if you struck it big?

In this 5th and final of the quick and dirty guide to Lotto Games, the lesson of the day is Instant Games. You know these - those colorful little cards that you get to scratch off with a coin or your own fingernail if you lack a coin or patience. Who doesn't like to scratch off that card and see if you struck it big? Granted you may get a little dirty from the shavings, but it's all in the fun and spirit of the lottery, right? So what are these little cards of joy? How do you play them? 

Lottery Instant Games

Instant games are also known as "scratch-off" games. This type of lottery does not involve picking numbers and can be played at any time. 

Instant games are very popular in this fact that they are colorful, fun to play, there are no numbers to choose, no pay slips to fill out and no waiting to find out if you won or not. 

Many states create new games monthly and certain games are seasonal or holiday themed, such as Christmas or the beginning of Spring. There are also games that offer twists on card games such as Texas Hold'Em or Roulette. A quick jaunt down to your local convenience store, gas station or grocery store will yield at least 5 or more games that are available for purchase and immediate play. Buy as many as you like and get those coins and fingers ready to scratch! 

Prize on instant games tend to be much lower than Lotto jackpots, though there can be exceptions. Often the prizes range from $1 to $500 or a free ticket. However, before you go to cash in that winning card, make sure it is valid in your state. Because of the popularity of scratch-off's, there are many imposters and pranks that are out there. If you're unsure, read the back or very bottom of the card and see what the fine print says. 

There is no set system for winning instant games, though some people will keep track of prizes already awarded and then buy tickets when only the higher amounts remain. Most states have a list available that includes the prize amounts, how many prizes there are in a series of game and how many remain to be claimed. 

Good luck and carry some hand sanitizer - it does wonders to get those little bits of scratch-off from under your nails. 

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