Most Recommended Books on Craps

Most Recommended Books on Craps

Check out the best books for Craps players.

Craps is a popular casino game with a wide range of unique betting options. Many books have been written about this dice game but not all of them are very helpful to players. The following list contains some of the best books that have been written about the game of Craps.

Dice Doctor

Dice Doctor, written by Sam Grafstein is a great craps book that can help players improve their game. In this book, you will learn about money management techniques that are vital to your success in Craps. In addition, Grafstein also provides you with strategies, tips and techniques that you can use to improve your chances of winning. Overall, this book is a must-read for serious Craps players.

The Winner’s Guide to Dice

The Winner’s Guide to Dice by John Savage is an older book that was first published in 1974. This Craps book is fairly basic, but it’s still packed full of useful information. If you’re a new Craps player this book is perfect for you. It does not go into advanced Craps strategies or techniques but it will help you learn what you need to know about the game, with some beginner tips you can use to enhance your play. The rules of Craps can be overwhelming for new players; luckily this book breaks it all down and makes it easy for you to learn how to play Craps.

Advanced Craps

Advanced Craps written by John Patrick is not only a great book for advanced Craps strategies, but also about the game in general. While Patrick may not be as polished as other Craps writers, his writing style makes it easy to read and even easier to understand. This book offers a complete picture of the game of Craps – it is fully comprehensive and has all the information you need to understand the game.

Another great feature of this book is that it puts lots of emphasis on bankroll management. Without proper management of your Craps bankroll, you can never hope to play successfully, but with Advanced Craps you will learn how to manage your bankroll. With that said this book is geared to experienced Craps players and is generally not a good starting book for novice players. If you are already familiar with the game and have a solid understanding of intermediate and basic strategies, then Advanced Craps can help you take your game to the next level.

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