Online Keno Made Simple

Online Keno Made Simple

Pick the winning numbers.

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Online bingo and scratchcards are similar, but no previous knowledge is necessary to start playing Keno.

Keno started out in land-based casinos and bingo halls but has successfully made the transition online in recent years.Similar to the lottery, it is all about predicting the numbers that will be picked randomly by the Keno machine.

It is a simple concept with just two steps:

1. Pick your numbers from the Keno board by marking the spots on the board. Rules vary between online casinos and bingo halls but most allow you to select between 1 and 15 numbers. Some online casinos allow you to have 'quick picks' where your numbers are chosen randomly for you.

Each selection is known as a 'spot', so if you decide upon 10 numbers,this is a 10 Spot game.

2. Choose your Keno Ticket - that is, how much to bet. You bet on how many of your numbers will be picked by the Keno machine. Whilst the more numbers you pick, the higher your chances of getting a winning match, the betting odds reflect this. The more numbers you pick, the more number-matches you need to win the best cash prizes.

It is therefore a balancing act between selecting enough numbers to increase your likelihood of getting more matches, whilst at the same time not selecting too many that you need a lot of matches to make any money! Regular players tend to opt for 4-8 numbers.

Press Play and You're Off!

The Keno machine will then select twenty balls from a total of eighty. Playing online Keno is a swift, smooth experience, without the long wait associated with the land-based game.

Online keno can be played for free and just for fun, or with real money and large prizes. Find Keno action at JackpotCity Casinoand JackpotCity Bingo for the best action.

The simplicity and speed that Keno brings make it a popular side game that usually has a low buy-in and great odds.


Winnings are determined by the amount wagered, the number of numbers picked and the number of matching numbers drawn. The pros dislike the low odds on Keno and recommend playing lots of five number bets, which have decent odds, as opposed to fewer higher number bets. Good Luck!

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