Online Roulette Betting Options

Online Roulette Betting Options

Inside and Outside Betting Areas on the Roulette Table.

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  • Inside Bets
  • Outside Bets

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Whether you are playing America, European or French roulette, you will find two betting areas on the table that are known as the 'inside' and 'outside' betting areas. The inside area contains the individual numbers where you bet on a certain straddle or on which number the ball will land. The outside betting area has boxes for the columns, red/black and odd/even and different groups of numbers. 

Inside bets

Straight up: Bet only on the number that you chose (this is the easiest bet). 

Split: Bet on two connecting numbers like 1 and 2 or 6 and 9. 

Three line or street: Bet on three numbers in a row like 4 through to 6 (European roulette features two special street bets: 0-1-2 and 0-2-3 whereas American roulette features three special street bets: 0-1-2, 0-00-2 and 00-2-3). 

Corner or square: Bet on four numbers. 

Six line: Double street. 

Outside bets

Dozen: Bet on the first 12, second 12 or third 12. 

High or low: Bet on 19 to 36 or 1 to 18. 

Column: Bet on any of the three columns of number. 

Odd or even: Bet on an odd or even number. 

Red or Black: Bet where you bet on which colour. 

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