Online vs Offline Roulette

Online vs Offline Roulette

Which do you prefer, online or offline roulette?

Even though it's the same game, there are some differences that occur when the roulette wheel shows on a 19 or 22 inch computer screen instead of on a table surrounded by players and passerbys. 


Land based casinos have plenty of that, for sure. The roulette wheel is often the center of that thrilling atmosphere. The people who come to the table to play, and more so those who come only to look, are a sign of that added value. 


Though you usually don't need to use elbows to make room around a roulette table, the convenience that the online roulette version offers is a winner. Play when you want to, and save the travel expenses to play another game, or fifty. 


While the real casino version of roulette comes with sights and sounds (though no more smoking, at least not in Atlantic City), the online roulette game offers excellent and often realistic graphics and sound effects. You can still hear the ball bouncing off the slots. 

Placing bets 

With clear information displayed on the screen and the online payment methods today so smooth, betting is made easy online, probably more so than at land based casinos. 


The wheel spins just the same in offline and online roulette. This is achieved with the help of Random Number Generators - software programs that ensure fair gaming online. 


Not that this was a competition, merely a comparison, these are our conclusions: 

If you're going for the thrill factor - play offline. 

If you want flexibility, informality and convenience - play online. 

And always remember - you'll need the same amount of luck either way. 

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