Payment Method Bonus

Payment Method Bonus

Pick a bonus to go with your payment method of choice. Wise selection of payment methods with which you make deposits into your casino account can be measured by the payment method bonus that come along with them, which are listed here.

Careful Payment Method Selection Pays Off

Earn Money as You Pay

Don't you just love a bargain? Well online casinos are increasingly finding novel ways to provide you with more playing time and money.

Online poker rooms, sportsbooks and casinos have been gradually broadening their payment options over the past few years. These days there are three main ways to fund your flutters:

  1. Credit Card: The range of credit cards accepted as payment methods by online casinos is getting bigger all the time. Whilst reputable online casinos have security measures in place to ensure your transactions are processed securely, some still feel reluctant to pay by this method.
  2. An increasingly popular method of payment, accepted by a growing number of online casinos, is the e-wallet. This is where your funds are debited by a secure third party, such as Neteller or PayPal, and credited by them into your casino account.
  3. Finally there are several transfer options, such as direct and wire, where you make a manual money transfer to an intermediary account from which your casino deposits are then debited. Alternatively you can make a direct transfer from your own bank account to the casino.

More Play for Clever Pay

All of these options are now widely used by online casinos and in order to promote particular methods the Payment Options Bonus has been created.

Check individual casinos to find out which payment methods they accept and reward. With OCR you can find a list of online casinos payment methods in addition to the information on payment methods bonuses that appears on this page.

As long as you are happy to use this option, set up your account to receive deposits in this way and, hey presto, you have free cash coming your way! What could be easier?

Payment Method Bonuses are advertized in many ways and can be applied for sign ups only or as a recurring bonus.

  • Make your first deposit with Neteller and get a handy 100% bonus up to $300
  • Enjoy a 15% bonus on all Moneybooker deposits up to $1,200 on every deposit!
  • Take advantage of our 20% Payment Options Bonus on up to $300 per month for all deposits through Eco Card and Moneybookers

Payment method bonuses are an easy way to earn some extra cash, so think how you pay to ensure more free play!

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