Play Better Blackjack

Play Better Blackjack

Old habits die hard, but blackjack can be beat.

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  • Top tips to play better blackjack

Blackjack is a game that can be mastered if the correct techniques and methodology are employed. In spite of the sensible guidance from blackjack masters, many players continue to resist this advice and trudge along into the mire. But there is hope because if bad habits are broken, blackjack success can be yours.


  • Where you're sitting at the table is not going to affect the outcome of your blackjack game It's much the same. Unless you're a card counter and you need a perfect view of what's being dealt - it won't make any difference.
  • Don't play by your intuition, play by what is sensible and what is statistically probable. The likelihood of certain outcomes of card combinations in blackjack is well documented. Going against that in the hope that fate or good fortune will be your guardian angel is foolhardy. Bet with the stats and win more often.
  • Thoughts of a big win coming your way can be foolhardy. The thing with cards is (card counters excluded) that each new hand is a new hand. The outcome of a new hand is independent of all other outcomes before it. It's the luck of the draw. So we are never due a winning hand owing to a good or poor run of form.
  • Blackjack insurance has proven to be a flop in real terms. The stats all point to not taking insurance on your cards because winning is the end goal - so why go for even money bets? Card counters who are sharpshooters would know about blackjack insurance - the rest of us should generally avoid it.
  • Try doubling down more regularly especially if you're aware of probability ratios against the dealer. Doubling down pays out well when you win and it's a wasted opportunity if not employed.

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