Play Online Baccarat with Bitcoin

Play Online Baccarat with Bitcoin

Play the classic game of baccarat at leading Bitcoin casinos and experience the thrills of a fascinating game of chance.

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Where Can I Play Online Baccarat with Bitcoin?

What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is the game played by James Bond in most of the 007 action movies. This game of chance happens to be just as popular among those who frequent land-based and online Bitcoin casinos. Luck decides the outcome of baccarat games, but players can improve their chances by varying the intensity of bets. Compared to blackjack where players can go bust with a hand, in baccarat the worst-case scenario is to achieve zero. The best hand is 9 and there are always just two hands dealt: the player and the banker.

Baccarat Games and Bitcoin

A classic casino game, baccarat was quickly embraced by online gambling operators. Over the Internet, there are several versions of the game and at selected casinos you can bet Bitcoin on baccarat. Several decks of cards are used and players benefit from better odds if fewer decks are in play.

Depending on where they choose to bet, players are subject to a bigger or smaller percentage in commission on the banker's winning hand. At Bitcoin casinos, this is the same regardless of the currency of choice. Instead of trying to beat the house by using complex progressive betting systems, players should aim for a 4% commission.

How to Bet with Bitcoin on Baccarat?

With just three possible bets, online backup games are straightforward and the rules easy to pick up. In addition to the obvious bet on the player’s and banker’s hands, players can also bet Bitcoin on a tie. It offers the possibility of winning larger amounts, but at the expense of a 15.75% house edge.

Players are advised to stay away from betting Bitcoin on the ties. Baccarat games are fun and can be even more entertaining when players sign up for tournaments. The recipe for success is to cash on Baccarat bonuses offered in the digital currency and choose casinos with a small commission on the banker’s hand.

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