Resources for Help with Problem Gambling

Resources for Help with Problem Gambling

Gambling should be a fun way to relax, though many people end up on the dark side of addiction.

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Gambling has the opportunity to be a fun way to relax but can quickly turn into a problem or addiction. That is where groups such as Gamblers Anonymous step up to the plate - but what exactly do this organization do?

America - The Land of Opportunity

America has a staggering amount of places available to gamble, both on-line and off. In one state alone, there is 80 tribal casinos, 3 racetrack casinos, and a state lottery system set up. Not to mention Las Vegas, which is mecca for many players. Add in the online sites (though technically online gambling is illegal still due to the pesky UIGEA bill), and the temptation is overwhelming.

It is estimated that there are over 7.5 million adults who have been diagnosed as problem or pathological gamblers. It spans all age groups and genders, though the problem tends to be thought as more of a man's world. However, women are just as susceptible.

First steps

"Admitting the problem is the first step to recovery". Gamblers Anonymous (GA) has been in existence since 1957 and helps millions of people each year. Knowing the warning signs often helps people recognize the need for help.

Some examples include strained or ruined relationships between co-workers, family members and significant others, loss of time from work or school, stress at home, feelings of guilt while gambling but continuing to do so anyways, entertaining thoughts of suicide, financial issues and the need to always gamble more without an end in sight.

Help is Here

GA offers guidance, assistance, group support and discussions, solidarity and the ability to gain the knowledge of your personal triggers are and ways to cope. Meet with people in a similar situation and take control today. You are not alone and help is there for you, should you take the courageous step and ask for it. 


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