Roulette Tips to Remember

Roulette Tips to Remember

Luck aside for a moment. These are some useful working online roulette tips.

The odds are set and luck will have her say no matter what you do. But there are a few things you can do when playing online roulette in order to improve your odds of winning. 


European Roulette

Play the European Wheel Roulette version, where there is online one zero and the house edge is considerably lower than in American Roulette

Safe Bets

Remember that the safest bets are even bets, which are odds or evens and black or red. 

Play to a Point 

You can win, but not forever. The house edge will catch up over time. So remember to limit your game session and quit while still ahead. 

Money Matters 

Sorry to have to mention this, but this one's important enough to remind players time and again: Stick to your budget and don't get carried away by the game, whether you're winning or not. 

Betting Amounts 

Have you realized that limiting your bets will make sure you can play for longer? 

Stay Away from the Corner 

The Corner Bet has a 7.89% house edge - the highest on the table. Simply avoid it. 


Vary your bets to minimize the risk. It's more interesting this way too. 

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