Roulette Trivia

Roulette Trivia

Did you know roulette is called the Devil's Game?

Roulette is an ancient game, true. But it still thrills today's online casino gamblers. It's history, year and years of playing at casinos and now online, is full of interesting tidbits of information. 

Did you know: 

That a Roulette wheel is numbered from 1 to 36 in Europe with a single 0? 

That it was added in 1842 by Francois and Louis Blanc in order to up the house odds? 

That an American wheel is numbered the same, only with an extra 00 slot and the numbers aligned differently? 

That it was added once the game became popular in the United States? 

That adding the numbers on the wheel will yield a disturbing 666? Hence the "Devil's Game"? 

That a European wheel has odds of 2.7%? 

That the American wheel has odds of 5.26%? 

That the ball is spun clockwise?

That the wheel is spun in the opposite direction, counter-clockwise? 

That this is done so in order to have the ball travel faster? 

That Agent 007 James Bond plays Roulette in ‘Diamonds are Forever'? 

That in ‘Casablanca' the roulette wheel is rigged to fund an escape to the USA? 

That in ‘Run, Lola, Run', Lola uses her last 100 Marks to buy a Roulette chip? 

That she bets on 20 and wins? 

That she bets again and wins again - a total of 129,600 Marks? 

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