Shooting Casino Craps Online Made Easy

Shooting Casino Craps Online Made Easy

There is a real way of generating good results from playing Craps.

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Let's face it - players of the great game of Craps have been trying to outsmart this casino favourite for many years. The problem is that Craps has a mind all of its own. Luckily, there are some rather easy-to-follow tips to help players achieve better results.

Craps Strategies

There are two terminologies in online gaming that are often used incorrectly and one of them is the question: "How can I guarantee winnings in Craps?" and the other is: "How can I beat this online game?"

Players would be forgiven for thinking that any mathematical or analytical formula would ever provide such answers. However, and this is important - there are foolproof methods of doing four things with the game of Craps:
Extend your online playing time with your existing bankroll
Minimize your losses by playing smarter
Increasing wagers on player-edge type bets
Learn the best playing strategies that can lead to greater winnings

Get Started

The 5-Count Method is one such strategy. Let's examine this in a little more detail:

This method tries to isolate ‘hot rollers' if any. This has the effect of limiting the number of shooters you're betting on by over 50% of the random rollers. In actuality you are now increasing your chances of finding a ‘hot roller' to bet on.

The application of the 5-Count Method requires some further reading and there are many reliable sources to acquire such information. Luckily there are many quality online casinos such as William Hill Casino Club offering a fabulous Craps gaming platform, with some useful playing strategies.

What the System Actually Does

It reduces your total bets on players - thereby increasing your time spent at the tables
Increases your Craps playing experience by being selective on bets placed
It may or may not reduce the house edge
Your bankroll will last longer

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