Speedy and Safe Online Casino Registration Services

Speedy and Safe Online Casino Registration Services

If you want to feel safer online, then check out this guide for speedy and safe casino registration services with mobile devices.

The internet has been an enriching source of culture, education, and entertainment. For all of the appealing aspects that the web has to offer, it does not come without risk, especially when all you want to do is complete a safe signup process and play at online casino sites without your personal and financial data being exposed.

Thankfully, many software developers and technology specialists are striving to produce ever safer ways for you to identify yourself and ensure that you have access to trusted and secured storage of your personal documentation. Within this guide, you can receive an introduction to key concepts such as Mobile ID and Smart-ID when registering with casinos online.

An Introduction to Mobile ID

Quite simply, Mobile ID refers to your digital identity within a mobile setting, such as when accessing a mobile casino app with your smartphone or a tablet. With the aid of mobile apps and web apps, it is possible to enjoy the majority of services that are also present on desktop devices. Generally, mobile is now associated with convenience and users expect fast services.

Online casinos are forced to tread a fine line between speedy registration and safe registration. This is why casino sites are finding ways to implement fast KYC (know your consumer) checks to confirm your identity safely and enable speedy signup all at once. And standing at the core of the process is Mobile ID.

Smartphones and tablets are now fitted with improved cameras and are thus capable of facial recognition. At the same time, ever better microphones can now accurately record the exact sound of your voice, while the device stores it for comparison later on. And also built into modern devices are thumbprint pads that have the capacity to image your fingerprints.

With all of those tools now present in even a standard mobile device, mobile casinos are now able to take pictures, voice recordings, and thumbprints of their users. Known as biometric registration, your ID documentation is in one place with the online casino. Each time you sign in, the casino can compare your stored data with a capture from the present day. 

So, whether you smile for the camera, speak a phrase, or merely press down your thumb, the casino can apply smart identification protocols when you register and log in over time. Nobody can mimic the features recorded and stored in your biometric signup, which is what makes Mobile ID so appealing as a security concept for speedy and safe casino registration.

How the Smart-ID App Works

Smart-ID is one of the pioneering developers that has embraced biometric security by creating an app that can enable users to swiftly pass Mobile ID checks online. Now present in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, Smart-ID describes usernames and passwords as long and overcomplicated. Comparatively, it can be quicker to merely present a biometric feature for a security check.

To get started, mobile users can visit Google Play and install the Smart-ID app on a tablet or smartphone powered by Android. Meanwhile, another viable option is to install Smart-ID on iOS with an iPhone or iPad. In this case, Smart-ID can be found on iOS by going to the App Store and installing it from there. Any future updates to the app shall be flagged on your device and facilitated by Google Play or the App Store.

After installing the app, Smart-ID gives new users the option of recording their biometric features and personal data with the aid of their device. If users do not feel comfortable with this process, then they can instead visit a local bank office, as located from the Smart-ID site. Once there, you can provide a national ID card or passport and the representative will validate the document.

Physical banking and other services are only available to Estonian users, while players from Latvia and Lithuania can use Smart-ID for internet banking and to process online casino deposits securely. For online casino players, the ability to bank on the internet would a major reason for installing an app such as this.

With Smart-ID, the app doesn’t directly store any sensitive pin-codes on your device. Biometric registration is now available with Smart-ID, but users can also register pin-codes for their account. One pin-code is encouraged for access to bank accounts, while a second can be used for digitally approving transactions. Three incorrect entries will block an account for three hours, three more will result in 24 hours, and another three will result in a permanent block.


PayNPlay is the innovation of Trustly, a fintech company hailing from Sweden and responsible for the secure processing of online payments from bank accounts. After processing numerous casino deposits, Trustly had the idea of developing a web app to shorten registration times and remove any delay on withdrawals – all while remaining secure.

Top Pay N Play Online Casinos

Trustly describes PayNPlay as a facilitator of frictionless gaming. In the real world, players can visit a participate partnered with PayNPlay and look for a “Play now” button. Once tapped, the player will then be able to transfer a deposit from their bank account to the online casino. This process is powered by the Trustly payment platform and will only work if your bank appears on the list of banking partners. 

To complete the process, PayNPlay will raise an on-screen prompt that can enable users to sign in to their bank online and verify the transaction. Essentially, this process minimises the need for the traditional cashier model in which multiple lines of data need to be entered. With eWallets the process has become shorter, though not when depositing or withdrawing funds with debit or credit card.

In practice, the deposit should be transmitted in an instant and the casino site will display a message that gameplay can begin. By design, PayNPlay should be just as quick for withdrawing winnings, with funds going straight back to the account used for the deposit. This access to the bank account is what can also enable the casino to rapidly complete their KYC checks and confirm the user’s identity.

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