Top 10 Rules of Online Gambling Etiquette

Top 10 Rules of Online Gambling Etiquette

While the online etiquette rules at land based casinos may be known to most, there are usually no hard-fact lists for gambling online. This easy top ten list should serve to enlighten the beginner to the veteran.

Topics Addressed

  • Tips on how to play smart
  • Tips on how to play safe
  • Tips on how to play online

Rule 1

One should expect to lose 

They don't say the "House always wins" for nothing. No matter what lucky charm, favorite cologne, rain dance or lucky underwear you have on or even playing by smart strategic moves, expect to lose sometimes. Expecting to win all the time will only lead to frustration and no one needs a Sour Sally. 

Rule 2

One should know the law of the land 

Check to see if online gambling is legal in the country, state, province or region where you will be playing from. You could end up losing more than just your hand at poker. Consult our legality page. 

Rule 3

One should not bet more than they can afford 

Gambling is meant to be fun, but it quickly drenches the party mood when you spend your rent or grocery money away. Stick to a limit that you can realistically afford. 

Rule 4

One should not bet on "betting systems" 

If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Stick to proven mathematical strategies and not what some "Wanna buy a Rolex?" guy in a trench coat tells you is a surefire way to win the game. 

Rule 5

One should trust the odds 

Mathematical statistics are proven for a reason and all casino games are designed on percentages and probabilities. Don't rely on luck alone - those constant winners you see aren't "lucky" - they just have a better understanding of the odds. Learn from them - don't hate them! 

Rule 6

One should not do or permit any "flaming" 

Calm down there Pyro Donny! There is no need to send any firefighters to douse your anger online. If you are frustrated and want to take out your anger, push that chair back and walk away for a couple of moments. Ohmmm... 

Rule 7

One should play to win 

Gambling online affords players the luxury to take their time to get their strategies down pat. Use this to your advantage. 

Rule 8

One should play the best rules 

Google can be your best friend. Every website may have the same games but they may not have the same rules. Seek out the best rules which suit your advantages and preferences. Study the rules or print them out for future reference in PDF format. 

Rule 9

Be polite, even if the other players are from Timbuktu 

Sitting by your computer desk, alone, makes you forget you are playing against real people and that online casinos are a real community. Be polite, even if your style is playing aggressive... 

Rule 10

One shall always have timely play 

It is expected to take a moment to consider your next move, however it's only nice to do so in a timely manner. If something needs to be done away from the computers, those "sit out next hand" buttons are your best friends - as everyone else will be as well when you use them. 

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