Top Five Tips for Playing Craps

Top Five Tips for Playing Craps

Stay away from proposition bets, understand the house edge and practice a lot. Five top tips for playing online casino craps.

The game of craps can be mastered with experience, and players learn and adopt different playing attitudes. However, some things always remain global: here is where the tips below come into play.

Learn the Table

At first glance, a craps table can look very intimidating as it's packed with text, numbers and different sections. Take a breath and learn the table to see that it isn't as scary as it seems. The contrary is true: the layout of a crap table is really comfortable to play with once the rules are known.

Pass Line Bets

Craps beginners are strongly advised to stick to the most basic bets at the beginning, namely the Pass Line bet which lets them either crap out with a loss (rolling 2, 3, 12) or hit a natural by rolling 7 or 11. Even money can be won if a point is hit twice before the dice hits 7. Beginners usually combine their Pass Line bets with Come Line bets.

Understand the House Edge

Craps gives the impression of a group game but in the end it's only you against the house. This is why understanding the house edge is key for making wiser bets and keeping your bankroll intact – check the different numbers and try to memorize them.

Be Wary of Proposition Bets

Proposition bets can be very tempting but they should usually avoided: the high house edge on these one roll bets makes your winning chances slim. If you do place proposition bets be very careful with your wager.


One of the benefits of online casinos is that players can play their games in free-play mode. Use the free-play mode to learn the ropes of the games and put them to practice, then spend more time to hone your skills – it's a great skill to develop your craps game.

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