What's a Skill Game?

What's a Skill Game?

Old classics become online favorites.

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Skill games differ from gambling in that they are based around skills and aptitudes as opposed to chance. The type of skill used differs depending on the game. Some games draw upon physical skills such as hand/eye co-ordination or dexterity, others utilize mental skills; logic, strategy or predictive thinking.

Games can be categorized into six general categories:

  1. Word and logic games
  2. General knowledge and trivia games
  3. Puzzle and Board games
  4. Casino and Card games
  5. Arcade and virtual sports games

Where to Find Them

Skill games can be accessed on specialist sites which cater for a select category of games or even just one particular game alone. There are also online skill gaming sitesthat have a wide variety of mixed online skill games on offer. Finally skill games and online arcade skill games are commonly found as side games and mini games on online casinos, online bingo sites and online slots sites.
The online version of games gives them a modern feel and the software enhancements provide added dimension and interest.These classics have suddenly turned hip and are taking the online gaming sector by storm.

What's on Offer

Online skill games have grown in popularity over the last year or two and are now creeping onto a broader range of site sand attracting the attention of online casino and gaming fans.
Some popular online skill games include:

  1. Classics: dominoes, backgammon and dice games
  2. Eastern magic: Keno and Mahjong
  3. Board games: Monopoly and Cluedo
  4. Virtual sports games: soccer, Formula One and more
  5. Word games: Scrabble and Wheel of Fortune

What's the Appeal?

Most skill games are simple and easy enough to master but developing the finer strategies and tactics necessary to gain a winning edge can prove more elusive.
Some games are pitted against the computerwhilst others have a live opponent or even a multiplayer team.
You can play free online skill games for fun or pay an entry free and join a tournament or competition.

Whatever your motivation; fun, winnings or making new friends online, skill games are a great new way to spend your time online.New software is producing an exciting array of graphics and sounds to enhance the playing experience even further.

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