Where to Play Casino Tournaments

Where to Play Casino Tournaments

More fun is to be had when playing casino tournaments at these online casinos.

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Guide to Playing Casino Tournaments

Casino tournaments are divided into two categories: land-based and online. Land-based casino tournaments offer slots, blackjack, poker, roulette and other table game tournaments. Online casino tournaments also feature the same games for tournament play but they are constantly running and online casinos offer promotions, bonuses and bonus money to play with.

Tournament Types

There are several types of tournaments that you can enter. Scheduled tournaments are the most favored casino tournaments. Scheduled tournaments always start at a pre-set time and most players have to sign-up in advance to play. There are two types of scheduled tourneys, guaranteedand freerolls. Guaranteed tournaments generally require players to pay a set fee and they compete for pre-set prize.

Freerolls are the second type of scheduled tournaments and do not require players to pay a registration fee. These tournaments may last a few minutes to an entire month. Sit & Go tournaments start when enough players have joined a game.

Sizzling-Hot Tourney Action

The winners and prizes are announced immediately after the tournament is finished. Extender tournaments begin with a low buy-in but require additional fees to keep playing.

One-shot tournaments give you a single chance to get a high score and win the tournament prize. Survivor tournaments feature elimination rounds. The player with the lowest score after each round is eliminated and the last remaining player wins the tournament. In every tournament, no matter if there is a buy-in or not, you are given chips to play with and you have to select an alias.

How to Join a Casino Tournament?

If you are interested in joining a high-stakes, land-based casino poker game, you can play online satellite games to win a seat at a big-time poker tournament. If you are just looking to enjoy some casino games, you can stick to online casino tournaments.

It is very easy to join an online casino tournament; you simply need to register a real-money account with that particular casino site and then sign up for one of their tournaments.

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