Find out more about Macau's internet gambling laws.

Macau has different laws and a different government because it is part of a Special Administration Region.  Macau is the number one destination for Chinese citizens who want to gamble because there is no specific stance on the legality of gambling.  The strange gambling regulations indicate that the law does not support or prohibit gambling.  However, there are private and public laws that deal with gambling.  The authority that is responsible for regulations is called the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau. 

In terms of online gambling, the only bets allowed are sports lotteries and horse racing.  These types of bets are controlled by two primary local companies.  However, licensing of online casino operators is not yet in effect because there is no law that dictates licensing requirements.  While online gambling is legal in Macau it is not regulated by any authority. 

The regulation of the online gambling market in Macau is still incomplete but because the land-based gambling industry has brought in a significant amount of money for the economy it is natural to think there will be legislation that legalizes online gambling.  It is quite possible that in the future Macau may draft legislation that regulates online gambling and if that happens, it is also possible that China will also follow those regulations.  Passing this type of legislation would mean that the economy of the country would be stimulated, which would have a positive impact on many aspects in Macau and China.  However, as of now there are no regulations for licensing and therefore actual online casinos are not available in the jurisdiction of Macau.

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