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Choose an online lottery based on the next draw date, its jackpot, difficulty level and age restrictions.

Ever since online gambling came into the world, the way we buy tickets and play lotteries was expected to change. Today, online lottery, the online version of the traditional lottery, is officially with us.

With online lottery players around the world can buy tickets for practically any lottery worldwide, without ever leaving their computer desk at home. Online Lotteries sites offer tickets for sale and subscription, with which a player can buy tickets for future draws with his or her regular numbers.

Furthermore, online lottery sites provide information and updates, such as the latest lottery results, news of recent winners, dates and exact times of future draws and more.

There are many international lotteries available online. The best known of these are MegaMillions, one of the biggest US multi-state lotteries, with rolling jackpots starting in the millions of dollars; Powerball, a popular US lotteries with 1 in 35 probability of winning any prize; EuroMillions, with its 15 million euros rolling jackpot; Canada's Lotto 6/49 - the game that changed the way to bet on lotteries in Canada; National Lottery UK and more.

Other leading lotteries reviewed on the Online Casino Reports Lottery overviews, tickets for which are available through the lottery ticket service.

Euro Millions

Eight figure jackpots are not unknown to Euro Millions winners.

Mega Millions

The prize has reached $390 million in the past!

Powerball - USA

Powerball was official born on 19 April 1992 and prior to that, it had been known as 'Lotto America'.

The National Lottery UK

Playing could not be any simpler. All you need to do is select six numbers from 1 to 49.

BC 49

Pick 6 right of 49 numbers and win $2 million.

Megabucks Doubler - Massachusetts

Ask for a 'quick pick' which are six numbers randomly generated for you by a computer.


New transnational European lottery.

Lotto 6-49 - Western Canada Lotto Corp

Lotto customers have won $50 million prizes and more several times.

Megabucks - Wisconsin Lottery

Guess the numbers right and win the mega jackpot.

Megabucks - Oregon Lottery

Megabucks is simple, and it pays well.

Missouri Lottery

Ask for a 'quick pick' which are six numbers randomly generated for you by a computer.

New York Lotto

Pick six numbers out of 59.

Super Lotto Plus - California

The Super Lotto Plus jackpot starts at $7 million, and has reached a record $193 million because the jackpot grows each time there is no winner.

Oz 7 Lotto

Live Life, Oz 7 Lotto urges its players.

Pick Six

Pick-6 Lotto was first launched in May 1980 as one of the first games of its kind and claims that it 'makes more New Jersey players millionaires than any other game!'

Powerball - New Zealand

If you win a prize with Lotto and have the winning Powerball number on the same line, you win the Powerball prize AND the Lotto prize.

Powerball Lotto - Australia

Powerball has a guaranteed minimum jackpot of $3 million but cannot go higher than $100 million. Too bad.

Quebec 49

Quebec 49 is a bi-weekly draw, every Wednesday and Saturday and for just $1 you can win the grand prize of $2 million.

Super Kansas Cash

All winners are paid in one lump sum.

Lotto - Germany

Wednesday and Saturdays - big prizes await.

Wednesday Lotto - Australia

Tickets for the weekly $1 million Wednesday Lotto draw are on sale.

Saturday Lotto - Australia

Tickets for the the New Years Eve $31 Million Saturday Gold Lotto Megadraw.

Classic Lotto 47 Michigan

Michigan's Classic has no limit. It grows until it's won.

Irish National Lottery

Dozens of winners every year and a record €18,963,441 Lotto jackpot.

Marks Six

HK$5 million is the minimum First Division Prize in the Mark Six lottery.

The Pick

With a tempting jackpot record of $103 million The Pick is The Lotto.


To win the minimum prize all you need to do is match just one number and the Thunderball.

Hot Lotto

Hot Lotto's ultimate champion is John Hall, who won the prize 3 times.

Hoosier Lotto

The prize increases by a half million from draw to draw in case there is no winner.

Illinois Lottery

A jackpot that keeps on growing until there is a winner.

Gold Lotto Saturday and Wednesday

A record top prize of $32 million for a Megadraw is the Gold Lotto record jackpot.

Florida Lotto with Xtra

In April 2010 a new record jackpot was set on the Florida Lotto - $52 million.

Louisiana Lottery

$21.2 million was the largest jackpot won on a single Lotto ticket playing the Louisiana Lottery.

Cash WinFall - Massachusetts

Pick 6 - win half a million dollars!

Classic Lotto - Ohio

A jackpot that increases in increments of $100,000 every time.

Tri-State Megabucks Plus - Vermont

In July 2009, the Tri-State Lottery gave their Megabucks game a major facelift and re-named it as Megabucks Plus with double the starting jackpot.

Lotto - Colorado

Biggest Colorado Lottery winner, in 2008, hit the jackpot of $11 million.

Classic Lotto - Connecticut

The Classic Lotto jackpot starts at $1 million and continues to grow until it is won.

Lotto - Washington

The Washington Lotto jackpots begin at $1 million and roll over each draw that they are not won.

Lotto - South African National

Almost 1000 millionaires since the South African National Lottery was launched.

Italy SuperEnalotto

Players can enjoy record-breaking jackpots with the Italian SuperEnalotto!

EuroMillions UK

Play for your share of millions of pounds twice a week in the EuroMillions!

Spain El Gordo

Get Ready to Play the Big One – the El Gordo Lottery!

Brazil Quina

Introducing the Brazil Quina Lottery!

France Loto

The France Loto Boasts 3 Weekly Draws and Millions in Prizes!

Hungary Hatoslotto

The Hungary Hatoslotto features a 6/45 Game Format!

Hungary Otoslotto

Match 5 Numbers to Win the Otoslotto!

Italy SiVinceTutto

Enjoy the SiVinceTutto Lottery!

Italy SuperStar

The Italy SuperStar Lottery is a Variant of the SuperEnalotto Game!

New York Sweet Million Lotto

Great odds for the New York Sweet Million Lotto!

Brazil Dupla Sena

The Dupla Sena Lottery is Brazil’s Premier Lottery Game!

Austria Lotto

The Austrian Lotto offers millions of Euros in Jackpot Prizes!

Brazil Mega-Sena

The Mega-Sena Lottery is Brazil’s Biggest Lottery Game!

Turkey Super Lotto 6/54

Players can enjoy tax-free winnings on the Turkey Super Lotto 6/54!

Spain BonoLoto

Give the Spain BonoLoto a try!

South Africa Lotto

Learn more about the South Africa Lotto!

South Africa Powerball

Win big with the South Africa Powerball!

Russia Gosloto 7/49

Stake your claim to one of the many prizes in the Gosloto 7/49!

Russia Gosloto 6/45

Learn how to win big in the Russia Gosloto 6/45!

Romania Lotto 6/49

Try your luck at the Romania Lotto 6/49!

Poland Lotto

Try your luck at the Poland Lotto!

Ontario 49 Lottery

Cash in big with Canada’s Ontario 49 Lottery!

Turkey Lotto 6/49

See what you can win with the Turkey Lotto 6/49!

Sweden Viking Lotto

Try your luck at the Sweden Viking Lotto!

Sweden Lotto

Cash in big with the Sweden Lotto!

Spain La Primitiva

Stake your claim to a fortune in the Spain La Primitiva lottery!

France EuroMillions And My Millions Raffle

In France, the EuroMillions lottery goes by the France EuroMillions tag and comes with a $1 million raffle prize.

Lottery Results

On the Online Casino Reports page you will find not only a comprehensive list of lotteries and reviews of each lottery, but also lotto results. Players will find results with the winning lottery numbers for each of the world’s lottery games. Visit and see if you picked the winning lotto numbers and won.

Furthermore, although you can visit the site any time for the latest and most updated lotto results, you will find lotteries offer to send you alerts of winning numbers directly to your registered email account, so that you never miss a lottery draw - ever.

Lottery Number Generator

Lottery games results are generated not with falling lottery balls, but rather with Random Number Generators (RNG). These computerizes lottery number pickers are fully automatic and are as random as rolling dice (a method used well before computers were introduced into our lives).

Random Number Generators are used in lotteries and in gambling in general. RNGs can be used by the players themselves, namely in picking their numbers for any draw, when they buy lottery tickets. This is known as "Quick Pick", "Auto Pick", "Quick 6" or "Lucky Dip".

Lottery Scams

As in all online activities, gambling included, lotteries could become fertile ground for lottery scams. Players should indeed be aware of the risk and take simple actions to avoid falling for any such foul play.

In fact, players need not go far to seek such scams; they often arrive in your inbox, albeit, we would hope at least, in your spam folder flagged as such. Like the EuroMillions Lottery Scam, with emails telling you yours is the winning ticket for some sum of £250,000 on EuroMillions.

Spotting the lottery scam is really up to your good senses and logic. Getting excited for the winning and accompanying novelty check is natural, but quickly ask yourself whether legitimate lotteries would in fact ask you to pay first, before accepting your winnings. This is the method often practiced by the lottery scammers.

Besides just ignoring the email, you can report it as to your local authority and initiate an investigation by the authorities.

Fighting Lottery Fraud

Organizations such as The Lotteries Council monitor world lottery games, often working together with the UK Gambling Commission and similar government bodies. They do so on behalf of the players as well as the legit lottery operators whose interest it is to keep the environment safe and scam-free.

It is always advisable to make sure that any lottery service you are playing or using is regulated under one such organization or authority. Play only at approved, genuine and lawful lottery games.

Lotteries are often tied to fund-raising and profits are usually returned to the public in charitable activities and others. Being part of the lottery industry requires adhering to a code of practice, which is always in the player's favor in fighting fraud and beyond.

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