In charge of dispensing money for the Good Causes, Camelot sends the money where the people need it the most - right back in social programming.

Camelot is the licensed operator for the United Kingdom (UK) National Lottery and its ""Good Causes"". Formed to maximize the money earned off the EuroMillions, Camelot aims to spread the money in the most socially responsible and efficient ways.

As the Good Causes are designated by the UK Parliament every year and the money earned is through the sales of the National Lottery games, Camelot is responsible for distributing or awarding the funds made. Twenty eight pence for each Pound that a player pays for their lottery ticket is used by the government. The yearly total is then used for all social endeavors made by the country.

In the UK specifically, these Good Causes can mean funding the sports department in order to get children and adults physically active and also funding the development of certain communities. Other funds go towards programs that help people with lower incomes and disabilities.

Camelot is also responsible for managing the infrastructure of the National Lottery, designing new games, developing the marketing plan for the games in play, and providing services to both players and winners. Above all, Camelot runs the network of over 28,500 retailers that sells tickets throughout the UK.

Strategically, because of Camelot's innovation, their growth has grown 11.6% in the last five years as of 2010. Overall, National Lottery players have help raise over £24 billion for Good Causes and Camelot has distributed over 330,000 individual awards across the United Kingdom.

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