mobileStorm provides a fully comprehensive cloud enterprise platform for easy communication with the mass market.

mobileStorm is a Communication Service Provider that is based on a cloud enterprise platform. This platform allows your company or organization to quickly and easily communicate with an unlimited number of contacts through relevant channels. Your targeted audience is already using the technology that is needed to implement this communication including social networking sites, SMS, mobile apps, email and more. mobileStorm allows you to use these channels to effectively communicate with your audience.

mobileStorm provides you with the tools you need to find, connect and communicate with your audience through channels that will allow your message to truly be heard. Message relevance is the primary factor in driving communication between you and your audience and this comes from reaching people through the channels they regularly use. The mobileStorm communication platform was specifically designed to allow for this type of integrated communication.

Messaging Platform for Businesses

mobileStorm has clients in a multitude of different sectors and is a viable communication solution for many different companies. Regardless of what industry you are working in, you will always have marketing goals that are present in every type of business - from creating a solid base of subscribers to improving the deliverability of your messages.

The products and services at mobileStorm can assist you in achieving your SMS and email marketing goals. mobileStorm has provided improved communication platforms and individualized market strategies for some of the largest industry sectors in the world, such as the gaming industry. Some of clients at mobileStorm include companies and organizations from:

  • Gaming
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Agencies
  • Entertainment
  • Retail

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