Interkassa is a payment processing application that welcomes many popular online transactions without merchants needing to sign up for each one.

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Interkassa is an online payment service provider that allows businesses to accept money from their customers, and makes the processing of those payments much easier.

How Interkassa Works

Interkassa works as a software system that is integrated on a merchants site. Once it is installed, they can begin to accept payments from many different processors without needing to set up a different application for each one. At present, there are 16 payment methods that merchants can accept through Interkassa including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, SMS and virtual currencies like Bitcoin.  As more new systems are accepted by Interkassa, merchants will automatically be able to process them, with no action required.

Multiple currencies are supported, and when customers want to make a payment to a merchant they will be able to pick from a list of methods and currencies and can make the payment using their preferred choice. The merchant is informed that the transaction has occurred and will then be able to process the order.

It's a very simple, intuitive and convenient method that requires minimal effort and as all transactions take place at the payment processor, rather than at Interkassa or the point of sale , it's all very safe and secure. In common with similar systems, small fees apply for transfers and depositing of funds.

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