PaySec specializes in providing payment processing services to Asian countries including China, Thailand and Indonesia. It integrates existing payment providers in an easy-to-use solution.

PaySec was established in 2014 as a payment processing solution for Asian countries, notably Indonesia, Thailand, and China. It is geared towards aggregates and merchants, and is ideal for hard to reach institutions. PaySec utilizes single API integration across all solutions, and it instantly connects bank gateways, customers, and merchants. PaySec provides clients with easy access to a wide range of Asian markets – notably China, the world’s premier e-commerce market.

Currently, the only domestic bank card that operates in China is China UnionPay, and PaySec is now offering multiple services to clients in China, including China UnionPay, WeChat and AliPay. In Thailand, the e-commerce market is growing at approximately 15% per year and it generates an estimated market value of $3 billion per annum. PaySec also offers payment solutions for Indonesia. With an estimated Internet user base of 50 million people, Indonesia is a massive market comprising 75 million debit card holders. With PaySec clients can enjoy a single processing system that encompasses all of the available options in that region.

In Indonesia, Thailand, and China, local bank transfers are also provided. The 5-step customer experience allows the customer to purchase from a merchant, pay, and get redirected through PaySec to a bank to make the online bank transfer. Confirmation of purchases, settlement balances, and local settlements are available in the payment flow. PaySec also guarantees 24/7 support to all merchants, via email and Skype. This payments service is applicable across multiple industries including e-commerce, travel, real estate, Forex, and online gaming.

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