Top Online Casinos accepting Utorg 2023

A cutting-edge fiat to cryptocurrency exchange infrastructure is provided by UTORG and the renowned Fintech company also guarantees hassle-free online casino deposits and withdrawals at many renowned online casino sites.

A fintech business called Utorg provides a cutting-edge on/off-ramp and web3 consumer infrastructure to provide a distinctive user experience to all customers who are looking for service offering hassle-free crypto exchange services and products. The company has been around since 2019. It is based in Tallinn, Estonia. Based in European Union, Utorh has all the necessary licenses to offer its services and products in Europe and other parts of the globe.

More specifically, Utorg has a PCI DSS certificate, alongside other required licenses. More specifically, the company has a license to offer virtual currency services, including wallet services, virtual currency exchanges against fiat currencies, and virtual currency exchanges against other virtual currencies. 

The team working behind the scene has remarkable background knowledge and experience working in different financial departments, including smart contracts, payment security, online banking, credit card banking, and more. With such an amazing team working behind the scene, Utorg can meet all the most difficult client requests.

At the time of writing this, Utorg has three main investors, including TA Ventures, Dragonfly, and When it comes to using Utorg services and products to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, no extra fees apply and the whole registration process to use Utorg services is rather straightforward.

In addition, thanks to relying on the standardized KYC/AML process, the company has been able to reduce the amount of human involvement. As a result, Utorg offers more cost-effective, faster, and more practical options to customers who wish to exchange virtual currencies with fiat currencies and vice versa. 

There is also Utorg free to download app working on most iOS and Android mobile devices. The Utorg app is available in over 170 countries and 11 US states. With the app, customers can store, send, and receive cryptos, access their smart transaction history, and view recent crypto prices while maintaining full control over their private keys. 

When it comes to using Utorg services and products as an iGaming fan, there is a number of online casinos that allow deposits and withdrawals via Utorg. Once again, the service is operational in over 170 countries, and many of these have legalized online gambling activities. Utorg transactions are generally processed in less than five minutes and commission fees usually do not apply. 

How to Make a Deposit Using Utorg?

Now, we take a look at the process of making online casino deposits using Utorg and the whole process is rather straightforward once you have your Utorg wallet all set up.

Register at the Utorg Official Site

Register at the Utorg Official Site

Register at the Utorg Official Site

Once you have registered for an account at the official Utorg website, we recommend you get the Utorg app. The app is free to download and it works on most modern iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

Set Your Utorg Crypto Wallet

Next, you want to set up your Utorg wallet. New customers can make transactions up to €8,000 and the limits can be increased later on. To set up your Utorg account, you also want to link your credit/debit card to buy Bitcoin and other cryptos.

Find a Reputable Utorg Online Casino

Find a Reputable Utorg Online Casino

Register at Your Chosen Utorg Online Casino

The next step is to register for an account at your chosen online casino. Once you have registered for an account, you will be asked to verify your identity and this is a common practice and nothing to worry about.

Choose Utorg from the List of Deposit Options

Choose Utorg from the List of Deposit Options

Specify the Amount to Deposit

Next, you enter your Utorg account details and you specify the amount you want to deposit. Using your Utorg app, verify your deposit request and your funds will reach your online casino account shortly if you have funds stored in your Utorg wallet.

How to Withdraw Using Utorg?

Most online casinos that let you make deposits via Utorg also accept the same service as one of their withdrawal options, and the process of making Utorg online casino withdrawals is discussed below.

Access Your Casino’s Cashier

Since you have already set up your Utorg account, no extra steps are required to make Utorg casino withdrawals. To make a withdrawal, access your casino’s Cashier page, and from the list of available payout options, click on the Utorg logo.

Specify the Amount to Withdraw

Once you pick Utorg as your preferred withdrawal option, a new window will pop up and here you enter the amount of funds you want to withdraw, alongside your Utorg account details.

Verify Your Withdrawal Request

The last step is to verify your Utorg withdrawal request. Most online casinos process Utorg withdrawals free of charge. In addition, Utorg online casino withdrawals are usually processed on the same day.

Safety and security

When it comes to Utorg safety and security, customers have nothing to worry about. First of all, the company in charge has a PCI DSS certificate which means it operates according to all strict practices employed in the EU and other parts of the globe enforced by the PCI Security Standards Council. 

The company must comply with six core objectives, twelve important requirements, seventy-eight base requirements, more than four hundred test processes, and regular external audits in order to receive PCI DSS certification, and Utorg complies with all of these. 

A well-known collection of guidelines known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) was created to safeguard cardholders' personal information and improve the security of transactions involving credit, debit, and other card payments. 

In addition, the company has also integrated the MasterCard® SecureCodeTM and Visa Secure 3-D Secure standards to assure long-term protection of your funds and private information you share to make Utorg casino and other transactions. Other common safety and security measures are also employed. 


Yes, as previously discussed, Utorg is in possession of a PCI DSS certificate and the company in charge is licensed to operate by the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit. Utorg also relies on other advanced safety and security measures to protect its customers’ funds.
Utorg is a company that offers fiat to cryptocurrency trading options. With the Utorg e-wallet, customers can also exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat currencies.
Many crypto-friendly online casinos accept Utorg payments and the best online casino sites of this kind are featured here on this page.
Yes, the company does not charge extra for processing your deposits and withdrawals. Registering for the service is also free.
Yes, most online casino sites that let you make Utorg deposits also let you use the same service to request a withdrawal of your online casino winnings.
At the time of writing this, Utorg is available in 175 countries, including 11 US states.

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