90 Ball Bingo Progressive

90 Ball Bingo Progressive

Experience the excitement of Progressive Jackpot 90 Ball Bingo!

Progressive Jackpot 90 Ball Bingo

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Progressive Jackpot 90 Ball Bingo is a GameSys-powered progressive jackpot bingo game.  The rules of this game are similar to traditional 90 ball bingo games but you also have an opportunity to win a hefty progressive jackpot. 


To win the progressive jackpot in Progressive Jackpot 90 Ball Bingo, you need to get a full house within a specific number of balls.  With every bingo card purchased, a portion of that money will go towards the progressive jackpot.  This jackpot can grow pretty large, and it will continue to get bigger until it has been won. 


To get started with the game, you will need to purchase a bingo ticket.  Once the game begins, your goal is to mark 1 line, 2 lines or a full house.  It is possible to win all three of these, meaning that you will receive a separate payout for each win.  Your cards will automatically be marked as the numbers are called so you don’t need to worry about missing a number.  Every time you win, you will be notified and the money will be added to your online bingo account.

You may also be chosen to play a bingo bonus game if you purchase a ticket for a qualifying game.  Players are chosen randomly for the bonus game and the bonus game can come in several different formats.  When you are selected for a bonus game, you simply need to follow the instructions to play the game and receive your bonus winnings. 


The size of the jackpot and the jackpot history for this game vary depending on the bingo room as well as your bet size.  Several bingo rooms have paid out over £1 million in total for 90 Ball Bingo jackpot prizes. 

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