Caribbean Stud Poker Jackpot

Caribbean Stud Poker Jackpot

Play your favorite version of poker and aim for a big jackpot at the same time.


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Caribbean Stud Poker Progressive Jackpot 

Caribbean Stud Poker Jackpot is Bodog's take on the popular version of poker, but with a difference - if you play your cards right, you could take home a jackpot worth thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars.


To claim the jackpot, place $1 in the side bet spot, then go all in. If you hit the Royal Flush, you get 100 percent of the possible jackpot, while hitting the Straight Flush gets you 10% of the jackpot, Four of a Kind lands you $500, Full House delivers $100 and Flush $75. This is really a low-risk way to claim a potentially massive jackpot.


Like any game of Caribbean Stud Poker, play begins by putting a certain amount into the card, and with five-card hands being dealt. Once you know what you've got, you have two options - to fold, or to compete with what you have against the dealer.

If you go all-in, your bet size doubles, and a number of scenarios can play out: if the dealer does not have at least an ace-king combo or better, you win back double your bet; if the dealer qualifies and you still beat them, you win double the bet and receive a further amount from the pay table. But the catch is that if the dealer beats you, you lose twice the bet.


The jackpot starts at a minimum $10,000, but ends up going off around twice a year for an average of over $60,000. The biggest jackpot win - claimed on a royal flush, of course, is over $100,000. Of course, this game isn't all about the jackpot, so there is a chance to win in every round.

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