Winners Club Scratch Platinum

Winners Club Scratch Platinum

Win Big with the Winners Club Scratch Platinum Progressive Jackpot Game!

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Winners Club Scratch Platinum Progressive Jackpot Game

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Winners Club is a progressive jackpot scratch card game powered by Playtech.  Unlike many other scratch card games, Winners Club Scratch Platinum has a progressive jackpot which offers a much larger payout than standard scratch card prizes. 


In order to win the jackpot in Winners Club Scratch Platinum, you simply need to reveal three jackpot symbols.  There are four different games, but only the Platinum and Gold games offer a super-sized progressive jackpot. 


As mentioned, there are a total of 4 different games including Platinum, Gold, Silver and Classic.  However, you will only be able to win the progressive jackpot from the Gold and Platinum games.  The progressive jackpot in this game continues to grow until it has been won.  That means the longer it goes without a win the bigger the prize will be. 

The jackpots can grow to an enormous size so you have the chance to win a life-changing amount of money.  This game is extremely easy to play and you just begin by purchasing the scratch card game.  Next, you need to reveal all the symbols on the scratch card to determine if you have won.  Remember that if you get three jackpot symbols you will win the progressive jackpot prize. 


This is a fairly new game and the jackpot has been tracked since October of 2013.  As of July of 2014, the largest jackpot that was won was $414,280 and this was won in October of 2013.  The only other recorded win was in June of 2014 and the size of that jackpot was $220,977.  The  average win is $317,629.  

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