Double the Fun With Twin Races at Twin Casino

Published March 12, 2019 by Ivan P

Double the Fun With Twin Races at Twin Casino

With Twin Races, you get to enjoy your time spent playing slots even more and win extra cash and free spins in every tournament you place high in.

If you enjoy playing slots as it is, the latest promotion introduced by Twin Casino is likely to be right down your alley. Named Twin Races, it gives players a chance to play their favorite slots and compete against others for share of the total prize pool of €30,000 throughout the month. The best part is, every race features not one but two separate leaderboards.

Pick Your Favorite Slots

Like the name suggests, Twin Races feature two competitions in one. The first leadearbord displays the highest win multiplier achieved by the player during the race. The second one features a point-based system, where different wins on the reels contribute a different amount of points. The calculation is based on the win multipliers as they relate to the stake and the currency amount itself isn't important.

Twin Casino hosts a variety of races throughout the day, each of them highlighting a particular slot. That way, you can get involved with the ones you really like. The number of races a player can participate on any given day isn't limited.

Play More to Win More

The whole idea aims to enhance the player engagement and offer more excitement while playing slots. Every time you join a Twin Race, you'll be up against other players playing the same game, trying to beat their high scores. With a bit of luck, your efforts will be rewarded with extra cash and free spins.

Given the fact Twin Casino hosts a truly extensive library of games, you're likely to find quite a few races that fit your gaming preferences as well. So, if you enjoy spinning the virtual reels as it is, Twin Races offers a great way to enjoy your time even more.

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