Exclusive Equal Odds Games Available at BetVoyager Casino

Published April 16, 2018 by Zvon P

Exclusive Equal Odds Games Available at BetVoyager Casino

Join BetVoyager Casino and play their equal odds games, the only gambling games online that don't give the casino any edge, as they provide equal chances for the player and the casino to win.

In their essence, casino games are made to give the casino an advantage, commonly known as the house edge. Whether you play roulette, card games or slots, the odds in any normal live or online casino are always rigged slightly against you and in the long run, the house always wins.

This is no longer the case, as BetVoyager online casino has introduced a revolutionary new concept of equal odds games. Within their offer of games, BetVoyager offers a range of casino games like roulette and slots that come with no casino edge at all. With the casino and the players having the same odds, the game really heats up and becomes interesting.

It’s Not Gambling If You Can’t Lose!

Regular online casinos will always keep an edge against you, no matter what you do. BetVoyager, on the other hand, gives you a fair chance to win by providing games without an edge. The simplest game to explain the concept is the No Zero Roulette. The casino offers a few versions of the No Zero Roulette, an even odds roulette game that pays 35:1 and has exactly 36 numbers on the wheel.

In addition to this game, BetVoyager also provides players with plenty of unique slot games that come with no edge either, having a payout rate of 100%. As if this was not enough, the casino provides all its players a chance to play with a valuable EUR 900 welcome bonus and the only cost you will ever incur is a small withdrawal fee that is paid when cashing out your winnings.


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