Win Daily Prizes at Netbet Casino Live Tables

Published November 11, 2021 by OCR Editor

Win Daily Prizes at Netbet Casino Live Tables

Netbet Casino runs a special promotion for those who enjoy playing live dealer table games, with three weekly tournaments and a huge prize pool.

Netbet Online Casino has a vibrant live section for people who enjoy playing roulette, blackjack and baccarat against real croupiers. The Pragmatic Play Live suit provides players with the opportunity to try classic and modern varieties of popular table games. On a daily basis punters can win exquisite prizes, by simply taking part in the ongoing tournament. The promotion concludes one week from now, so time is of the essence and punters should take advantage without delay.

How does the Pragmatic Play Live Offer Work?

The tournament is dedicated exclusively to those who agree to play games provided by Pragmatic Play. Only the live roulette, blackjack and baccarat games are eligible and punters must bet real money to qualify. In order to rank in the tournament, punters need to win at least two consecutive rounds with a net total exceeding the eligible stakes. Essentially, you win the tournament if you earn more points throughout the campaign and the leaderboard is updated in real-time.

The higher the value of the total points earned, the higher the overall score, so players are motivated to be active. This promotion started in late October and each week there are three different tournaments dedicated to roulette, blackjack and baccarat. It is possible to rank in all these tournaments if you agree to play different types of live dealer games. The manner in which points are earned differs, with blackjack and baccarat requiring just one eligible win, while the roulette tournament has doubled the requirement.

What Games are Eligible for this Promotion?

Only Pragmatic Play Live games available at Netbet Casino qualify for this tournament. Punters can choose from more than a dozen types of roulette and twice as many blackjack tables. Baccarat is the game with the fewest available tables, but players will always get to choose from at least 10 worthy options. The limits can differ from one table to the other, so punters regardless of bankroll and expectations can take part in this competition.

Prizes are distributed to eligible punters at the end of the promotion based on how high they rank in the leaderboard. The points distribution is transparent, with a higher number of consecutive winnings producing more qualifying points. The most points that players can accumulate is 500,000, if they manage to score 15 consecutive winnings. At the end of the tournament, the player with the most points wins the big prize and if two participants have the same placement, the first to earn the points wins.

There are 1900 cash prizes to be won by those who participate in the three tournaments, with a prize pool of €100,000. The winner will walk away with the equivalent of €5000 if they win the first place in any of the tournaments. 1000 players win in the roulette tournament, 300 will walk away with a prize in the blackjack competition and 600 will be paid for their performance in the blackjack event.

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