5 Rules for Gambling Online

5 Rules for Gambling Online

From swotting up on the odds to picking the right casino - essential advice for successful gaming online.

You'll never win every time, that's for sure. But you can be a successful gambler online. Here are 5 golden rules for upping your odds on the net.

1. Do your homework
Players often jump right into gaming online without a clear idea of what they are doing. This is the perfect way to increase the house edge along with your losses. Smart gamers do their homework first. Whether it's blackjack, poker or slots - learn the rules before you play. Swot up on the betting options, game strategies and useful tips - they might just give you the upper hand when you hit the online casino for real.

2. Know your bets
The house will always come out on top, this is common knowledge. But the house advantage varies hugely according to different games and bets so it pays to know the odds before you play. Chance based games such as roulette, for example, carry far worse odds than skill based ones like blackjack. Certain bets also carry also horrendous odds for the player. So take some, do your research and don't let the odds beat you.

3. Take it slowly
The faster you play, the more you lose. The online casinos know this and have designed their sites to make you play faster. Count to 10 or take a few minutes break between hands - anything you can do to slow things down. This won't decrease the house edge but it will limit your losses and help you control your game.

4. Make the most of comps
There are all sorts of comps available online referral fees. Make the most of what's on offer, for example, by making large deposits when you first sign-up. Get to know the ongoing promotions and how best to use them to your advantage. However, don't get too carried away with chasing comps as it's just not worth it in the end.

5. Pick the right site
Don't get swept up with the online casino glitz and marketing tricks. Choose your online gaming site carefully.Your ideal site is one that's suited to you. For example, if you're a slots player seek out a site with a wide selection of progressives as well as special comps and rewards for your chosen game.

Following these golden rules won't make you into a winner overnight but it will boost your chances when playing online, which might just make all the difference.

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