Do Not Panic!

Do Not Panic!

Welcome to online gambling. The first in a series that will make sure this is indeed the beginning of a beautiful relationship. The lesson starts with the calming advice "Do Not Panic!" and ends up with you fully prepared and ready to go.

Do Not Panic! - We mean it. You want to gamble online and are scared. Don't be. Go to school (or have the school come to you, as in this case) and you will be able to kick back and learn a thing or two that will make your visit to the online casino a pleasant one, even a welcome one.

Is it safe to gamble online?
This is and indeed should be your first concern, and let us relieve you by saying it need not be a concern at all. Generally speaking, gambling online is a safe activity. A well informed choice of gambling site, with which we will gladly help you, ensures a fair and honest experience and leaves it up to you, once again with our help, to watch your step along the way.

What need I do before rolling the dice?
This is a good question. You don't just jump in head first. Preparing for a gambling session or joining in the first place demand studying the games, rules, casino practices, fund management and more. In other words, review the information we offer at the Elementary School, starting at the next step.

How do the virtual games work?
You're right to ask this. There is no dealer sitting across you and no players by your side. So who is running the show? Well, besides you - yes, you running your own show - the casino games are operated by advanced computerized algorithms that not only administer the game and objectively set its results, but similarly supervise the ongoing games to assure this happens all the time. As we said in the beginning of the answer to this question - it is basically up to you.

What if I'm stuck?
The online casinos that we recommend offer 24/7 support, technical and customer service, multi-lingual and reachable via chat, email, phone or fax, as you please. The show must go on. Sometimes it's good to know that school is open also at night, also on Sunday and anytime you want it to be.

Who is managing my money?
Online gambling may not be a romantic relationship, but trust is truly essential. The casino operators reviewed and hosted at this site are all trusted, repeatedly examined by third party organizations, regulated by banking and funding rules and secured by the most advanced technological developments. A dollar is a dollar and a euro a euro. No ifs or buts. Unless your bet is good and you might see your money grow, that is...

So what should I bring to the table?
Yourself, first of all. A computer, a glass of water or something else to drink. Your slippers for ultimate comfort and anything you feel like wearing. Basically you need nothing more than a free evening or a free hour. Later on we will teach you some tricks concerning following your expenses and winnings, which may suggest you bring a piece of paper or even your wallet, but that will come at a later stage, after you proceed to the next lesson.

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