Easy Gambling Math

Easy Gambling Math

Learn the subtle art of calculating how much you could win or lose on any given game, and make your school math teacher really proud...

Mental Maths Helps You Tip the Odds

The wonders of mathematics can achieve more than just building spaceships and engineering bridges. They can also help you win vast sums of money and permanently put you ahead of the game.

By knowing how to calculate your odds, you will be able to plan how much to bring to the table, when to pitch in more cash, when to hold and when to book out. This will give you a fighting chance against the casino's and, if nothing else, will make your elementary math teacher really proud.

How to Calculate Your Average Expected Winnings

There's a really easy formula that will show you what your expected winnings or losses will be. Of course, hearing the word formula is usually enough to cause flashbacks to the horrors of high-school math class, but let me assure you, this one is as easy as pie.

Basically, it goes as follows:

Your Average Bet
x Hours Played
x Speed of the Game (meaning the number of decisions per hour)
x House Edge
= Expected Win/Loss.

For Example:

If you played blackjack at $10 a hand (Your Average Bet) for one hour (Hours Played) using Basic Strategy (80 decisions per hour - Speed of Game) at a 0.005% disadvantage, your expected win/loss amount would be $4.

($10 average bet x 80 decisions per hour x 1 hour x .005 house edge = $4).

This formula can be used with any game you like, but like everything else in the world, it follows the basic principle of the universe: that nothing's perfect.

The Fortune of Risk

As the old proverb goes, Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn, and Lady Luck spares no expense when following this rule.

This means that the crazy and totally unpredictable fashions of chance can sweep away your gambling mathematics on a single evening without asking for permission, leaving you with a mountain of money or none at all.

Yes, very rude. But, over a long enough timeline, the rule of the averages that is stated above becomes true, and gives you a clear idea on how to win.

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