Gambling Term Dictionaries

Gambling Term Dictionaries

Lists of gambling and gaming terms abound on the Internet.

Gambling Glossaries

I just love gambling dictionaries or glossaries. They're fun to read through and find out whether you can define the listed terms without cheating. Of course, they're helpful too, especially to the beginner who can easily be overwhelmed by the breadth and extent of the meta language that resides behind all gambling and casino activity.


The Internet is probably the best place to find a list of gambling and gaming terms. A quick Google search is likely to churn out dozens of these lucky lexicons. In addition to definitions of terms used in general gambling such as dirty money, grind, and vigorish, you can also find terms and definitions specific to each individual casino game. Other lists will steer you through the maze of technical terms used in online gambling such as sign-up bonuses and online payment systems.

Online Gambling Websites

Many websites host their own glossaries of gambling and gaming terms, and you can flick back and forth to these pages while you're playing your favorite games. Of course, you'd be well advised to play the practice games before laying any of your hard-earned cash on the table if you're not 100% familiar with the terms used in any online game of chance.


The greatest challenge in picking up any new activity is not learning the rules; it's learning the slang or jargon. Gambling is full of such language. For example, in gambling terms, a whale is not a gargantuan seafaring mammal, it's actually the name for a serious, high net worth individual who places high bets. A stooper is not a person with bad posture, it's actually an individual who skulks around the race track picking up discarded betting slips in the hope that he'll find one that represents unclaimed winnings. Top hatting is not dressing up for a night on the tiles. It actually refers to the sneaky practice of placing bets after the outcome has been decided.

Gambling and casino gaming is replete with these jargon words and the only real way to keep track of them is via a good gambling dictionary.

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