In-Play Betting

In-Play Betting

In-play betting allows you to place live wagers on sporting events from around the world, with the odds updated in real-time during the game.

In-Play Betting Explained

There have been many innovations in online betting during the Internet era, but perhaps none have been more impressive and exciting than in-play betting. Live betting, as it is also known, basically allows you to place a wager on a sporting event, match or tournament as it is being played.

How Does It Work?

In-play betting works in essentially the same manner as regular pre-match betting, in that the bookmaker changes the odds according to a formula that takes into account the likelihood of a wager (like, say Team A winning) occurring and the amount of money that punters have already bet on this wager. The only difference is that it all happens quicker and in real-time. If a football match takes 90 minutes, the odds change constantly during the match, as time, score and the amount of money wagered all have an instant impact.

Why Should This Interest Me?

It goes without saying that live betting should interest all those who have a general interest in online betting, no matter what sport you follow. It provides another chance to place a wager on a sports match that interests you, but with far more excitement. It is also a good option for those who are looking to increase their winnings on their pre-match bets, or to win back some of their losses if the team they bet on in pre-game looks likely to lose.

Where to Make a Live Bet

Any good online sportsbook should have an in-play betting function, but the leading bookies like William Hill and Winner Sports set themselves apart from the pack by offering more events in real-time. Visitors to William Hill, for example, will find hundreds of professional sporting events from around the world on any given day, all laid out conveniently in their In-Play betting calendar. Whether it's a UEFA Champions League match, Tennis Grand Slam match or some obscure game from a small country you're after, they will probably have an in-play betting option.

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