More to Gambling than Winning

More to Gambling than Winning

Online gambling offers a dream, one of poker chips and giant jackpots. But consider the added value for a second.

Win, win, win. Sometimes the environment around us is just too demanding. While online gambling is identified with the former (win-ism if you may), it also provides a way to avoid it, escape even, and just have fun.

Shoeless gambling
In the case of online casinos, more than any land based casino anywhere in the word (even the Atlantic City gambling venues so identified with off-the-bus tourists in pajamas), one can really "kick back." Take off your shoes, place your legs on the table, sip your drink loudly and play to relax.

Online flirting
Some games - bingo is a good example - are as much about winning (small sums) as they are about the community, the friendships formed through chats.

Gambling culture
And online gambling as a whole is not only about the games even. Movies and books, humor and myths - a world of references makes up this world, of which you take part of whether you play to win or play for fun.

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