Online Casinos go Progressive Jackpot Crazy

Online Casinos go Progressive Jackpot Crazy

We prove any online casino game can go progressive!

Progressive jackpots are all over the net and offer players the chance of six figure cash prizes. They can now be found within the payouts of a large variety of online casino games. Find out below how the concept of progressive jackpots is being applied to so many different online casino games.

Progressive Blackjack: This online casino classic has a progressive version. Here the jackpot is triggered by a particular hand, which depends on the variety of online Blackjack being played. In Triple 7s (which uses a five deck shoe) Blackjack players make a side bet every time they play a hand and if they're lucky enough to be dealt 3 sevens of the diamond suit in a row, they hit the progressive jackpot.

Progressive Poker and Video Poker: Online poker becomes even more pulsating when a progressive jackpot is put in the equation. The big jackpot prize is awarded if a player gains a specific hand - usually the highest scoring, for example, a Royal Flush.

Progressive Slots: Online slots games are probably the most associated with progressive jackpots. The most popular online progressive slots game is the Mega Moolah Jackpot from Microgaming which has jackpots starting from a cool one million. In 2008 a lucky winner scooped $5.5million!

Progressive Roulette: Roulette is one of the most exciting online casino games as players wait with bated breath when the ball spins around the wheel. The progressive jackpot cranks up the excitement factor even higher and pays out depending on the type of roulette. For example, in Roulette Royale the progressive jackpot is paid out if the same number hits five times a row.

Progressive Arcade: Not many arcade games have progressive jackpots but we did manage to hunt down progressive jackpot darts!

Online progressive jackpots are everywhere and the extra tension of six figure prizes brings added excitement to online casinos across the web.

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